Call out pencil sharpening challenge / Aufruf zum Anspitz-Wettbewerb

At least everybody with children knows this. Lots of pencils have to be resharpened very often!
Or think about all the pencils in every kindergarten. Annoying work for all the kindergarten teachers.

I developed a quick sharpening method with a few parts, which many people have in their household or their small workshop.

Simply put together like in my video and you are ready to sharpen pencils really quickly!
Watch the video and you’ll see!

This is also a Call Out for my PENCIL SHARPENING CHALLENGE!

Compete with me and show me how fast YOU can sharpen your (children’s) pencils!

– use a power drill
– use a regular manual pencil sharpener like in the video or similar
– sharpen at least 50 pencils and take the time
– the best would be a stop watch in the video
– divide the number of sharpened pencils by the time you needed

And show me and the audience your result
(e.g. by leaving a link to your video in the comments section)!

I’m excited what’s your number of pencils per minute!

Let’s Get Started!

I also invite you to take a glance at my other projects and videos and – if you aren’t yet – subscribing to my channel.

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