sitting bench from recycled hard wood – Esstischbank aus Küchenarbeitsplatte

This video shows you how you can build a simple solid sitting bench, e.g. for a dining table from recycled hard wood from an old beech or hard wood kitchen bench. It’s a simple and solid design, but don’t underestimate working with hard wood! Take your time if you want to have it perfect!

You can also build it with limited tools.
– Instead of rounding edges with a router you can simply sand them or use a plane.
– Instead of doweling you can just drill and screw it all together or use a kreg jig.
– Instead of using table saw and miter saw you can take a jigsaw or hand saw, although it would take    much longer but it’s a good ‘exercise’. Also with sanding the surfaces.

For finishing I used (antique) wax paste. That reduced my sanding effort if I would have used wood oil or other finishes. You just have to rub on the wax and don’t have to oil it, sand it again and then oil two or more times. I’m very satisfied with the smooth and silky surface!

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