Multifunktions-Werkstatthocker / Workshop Stool

This video shows you the build of a superflexible multipurpose shop stool.

It is self designed and constructed in sketchup.

You can use it as a standing aid at about 75 cm, at normal stool height of about 48 cm and even to support long work pieces beneath the work bench at up to 90 cm.

And if you don’t need it you can fold it and store it, saving precious workshop space!

The stool is made of 15mm birch plywood, which makes the slim design possible.
I cut all the parts from a board that was a bit over 100 cm by 40 cm. (By the way all shown measurements in the video are metric.)

You can use the stool also for many other different purposes:
for example you can replace the seat with a slideable surface for use as a height-adjustable roller block while cutting long pieces at the miter saw.

Just be creative and build one of your own and send me a photo, I am curious!

But for now: enjoy watching!

If you enjoyed the video and if you are interested in building it for yourself I offer you my plans / cut list for free.

You can find it here:

If that’s not enough here are some photos from woodworkers, who built it from my plans and the video.

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